” හංස පිහාටු ” මැර බලය තම දේශපාලන ශක්තිය ලෙස විශ්වාස කරන “මෝර ඇලේ කිත්තා”… මැර දේශපාලනයට දූෂිත පාලනයට එරෙහි වූ “කාලිංග”… මන්තර ගුරුකම් ශාස්ත‍්‍රයේ කෙල පැමිණි “රඹන්පොල ගුරුන්නාන්සේ” සමග “හංස පිහාටු” ” හංස පිහාටු ” ස්වර්ණවාහිනී නවතම ටෙලි සිත්තම . . . Hansa Pihatu

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2015.12.16 – Mulpituwa Express | ටෙලිවිෂනයේ මුල් පිටු බිහි කරන්නට මුල් වුණු පිටුව ” මුල් පිටුව “



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Rasa Saraniya Make a Cake

Make a Cake is a fun computer activity for kids to learn mouse manipulation skills, letters and numbers one to ten! First, children select a cake to decorate. Next, they add different color frosting, designs, letters and numbers! Finally, kids can show how old they are by putting the correct number of candles on the […]

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2015.07.25 – IRAJ ON LINE

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Ebc Clarifies Its Position On Deferment Of Its Proposed Debenture

EBC received a fax yesterday from the CSE at 11 30 a.m. requesting all its Directors to be present at a SEC Board meeting at 3 15 p.m. Given the short notice, only two of the Directors were able to meet with the SEC, whilst three other Directors sent communications indicating their inability to be […]

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